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Holiday rentals in Es Pujols, Formentera

The best choice for your holidays

Formentera, beautiful and magical island, known as 'the last paradise of the Mediterranean', offers visitors not only a unique natural environment, a haven of peace and tranquility, but also the possibility of living a unique vacation experience with lots of activities, excursions, tours and leisure activities that will make every day on the island is unique and special. To enjoy all these experiences, the first step is to cater to the accommodation, and holiday Lease, as we have in Castaví apartments, is a wise move, as it offers convenience, comfort, security and a sense of being, literally at home while you are living a unique holiday in Formentera.

Formentera is an island that not only lived to the full in summer: Any time of year is perfect to enjoy each and every one of its benefits. With an average temperature of 16ºC between November and April, the island also offers off season, the opportunity to enjoy its extreme natural beauty, where their characteristic colors, white, blue, green and ocher, are always an unforgettable visual experience, more than enough reasons not to stop taking pictures and wanting to capture every moment of magic that often lived on the island: a sunset, a sunrise, a beach, a small town, church ... everything takes on a poetic dimension in Formentera. Any time of year is highly recommended to visit the island.

Below, we detail some of the best towns and beaches to visit in Formentera, a real delight for the senses. Leave your bags and personal belongings in our apartments vacation, and prepare a light backpack to visit every one of the best corners of Formentera:

La Savina

It is the main gateway to Formentera, as La Savina port of the island is. It is an active and lively, given the movement of ships, both passenger and recreational fishing, every day passes through the por

This continuous transit of vessels and passengers makes it a very dynamic tourist area in which to enjoy the view of the many boats, yachts and boats that each summer different ply the turquoise waters of the island.

San Francisco Javier

Considered the 'capital' of the island, for hosting major local administrations , San Francesc Xavier , it is one of the most important towns of the island. With a lively commercial life during the day it is undoubtedly one of the daytime visits required in Formentera, because their streets are often filled with numerous markets and stalls , and concentrated a large number of shops and bars.

In the central square , where most of the most important festivals and events are held on the island , it is the beautiful church dating from the eighteenth century. Originally , it was a fortress to protect themselves from attacks by barbarians , but over time became the main church of the island.

San Fernando

Following the road leading from the port of La Savina to La Mola or Es Pujols, after passing Sant Francesc Xavier found another busy resort : Sant Ferran, a perfect place in Formentera for a snack, lunch or dinner as it is in it a large number of bars and restaurants. Bohemian and cosmopolitan atmosphere, Sant Ferran has one of the most legendary and more local history of Formentera: La Fonda Pepe.

Active since the 60s,it has been a real leader in the hippie revolution that lived the island and it has attracted great artists and musicians. The history of the British band Pink Floyd played at the Fonda Pepe still resonates on the island and beyond ... This is a place worth visiting, as it retains unchanged the purest essence of what was the most transgressive environment the island in the hippy movement.

Es Pujols

The village where the Castaví Apartments, is one of the areas of the island more focused on tourism in Formentera. Es Pujols is an active, dynamic and vibrant nightlife area. Here visitors find lively entertainment: large variety of shops, restaurants, bars, pubs and nightclubs ...

a haven for the tourist who seeks to live with intensity each and every hour of the day and night. By day, it is a perfect for shopping, going to the beach, eat at a restaurant ... At night, the festive atmosphere is king, where you can buy in some posts of night market or you drop place to rhythms of pubs and bars, dance nonstop.

La Mola

Located on the highest point of Formentera and more remote from La Savina and Sant Francesc, found La Mola, a quiet town, away from the stress and rush, in which there are few shops and restaurants but in which is one of the most unique attractions of the island: the lighthouse of La Mola.

Famous by films and commercials, this lighthouse is located on the cliffs from which to enjoy sweeping views that captivate everyone equally. Twice a week a hippy market that attracts many visitors is held. La Mola is undoubtedly the perfect place for those fleeing the noise, the rush, the tensions and seeking a haven of peace and tranquility.

Ses Illetes

Considered one of the best beaches in the world, ses Illetes is in the north of Formentera, just 150 m. Espalmador island. Very popular and busy, it can choose to live a quiet day of relaxation,

just swimming and soaking up the sun, or to live an intense day on the beach, doing various recreational activities such as water sports. Nearby are great restaurants to taste good dishes of the local cuisine.


Llevant Beach, as the name suggests, is located in the eastern part of Formentera, next to Illetes. It is a long beach

and in it you can find places to relax and be calm and more hotspots, where to find restaurants and bars.

Cala Saona

Especially recommended for those seeking a haven of peace and rest. Cala Saona is a quiet, small beach (only 200 meters long) and beautiful. From this little corner of Formentera there are spectacular views of the neighboring island of Ibiza.

And around the visitor you have restaurants and kiosks where you can eat. From Cala Saona you can make a nice excursion to the beautiful cliffs of Punta Rasa, just 10 minutes from the beach and you can easily walk.


Located in the south of the island, it is one of the largest beaches in Formentera, extending almost from La Mola to Es Cap de Barbaria, two points that are visible from the beach and so contemplate all its grandeur. Its area makes it hard to feel the pressure of visitors on the beach,

so it is easy to find a perfect place to spend the day relaxed and calm swim. Also in the vicinity it is easy to find restaurants and bars in which to enjoy delicious dishes.


One of the must-see Formentera. The island of Espalmador, considered a natural park, which prohibited any restaurant or similar facility, is located just 150 meters from Formentera and, despite its small size, 3 square kilometers, in it there are treasures that make the visitors live a unique and very special day, as the watchtower (Torre de Sa Guardiola)

which it is located at the highest point, or "Platja de S'Alga" one of the most visited beaches on the island, declared natural harbor because of its closed shape. To access Espalmador you can opt for the boat ride that leaves from the port of Formentera, to Illetas, and finally reaches Espalmador, or, in good weather and tide permitting, can be covered by swimming the distance separates the two islands.

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