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Sa Terrassa
restaurant / snack bar

We offer a balanced menu where our Chef takes you on a suggestive trip around international cuisine, reinterpreting each dish in order to incorporate Mediterranean flavours and textures. Also, each day we provide you with a selection of dishes that take full advantage of all the flavour of seasonal produce. 


Telephone for information and bookings: 971 328 422

Email: saterrassa@castavi.com


Sa Terrassa
Cocktail bar / lounge bar

Open continuously until 0:30 at night, at Sa Terrassa we offer a complete cold and hot drinks service. You can enjoy everything from a simple coffee, a cold beer, an infusion or a good wine, to the most sophisticated cocktails and mixed drinks, and all in the warmth of the environment in one of the most special areas of our complex.

Sa Terrassa
breakfast buffet

Each day we offer a complete breakfast buffet where you can find our baskets with an extensive range of fresh breads, a selection of delicious cold meats and cheeses, all the bright colours of seasonal fruit, several kinds of cereals, yoghurts, cold creams, natural juices, teas and coffees, as well as a menu of hot dishes prepared fresh by our chefs.