Today we are going to enjoy the sunset at a less frequented location on Formentera. We set off in the evening from Castaví towards Sant Ferran de Ses Roques in order to take the road that will lead us along the area where the island narrows and then reaches its highest point. We aim for Pilar de la Mola. There we will park our car and find the spot where green route 31 begins.

We walk along this pathway that will lead us to the sea, letting ourselves feel the awe that this open landscape generates. Large fields with the low vegetation that is typical of this part of the island are lined by ancient dividing walls and dotted with remains of equally ancient fortifications. As we near the cliffs, the view of Formentera and Ibiza becomes more and more complete and exciting. We reach one of its natural balconies, where we can get comfortable and watch as the sun completes its descent. What we then experience is difficult to put into words. We just wanted it to never end.